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We are an advertising agency that distributes ad resources directly to our partners through our memberships program. We work to integrate users and organizations who share advert gigs by our department into bits. These gigs are from companies who have paid for broadcast. We bring this opportunity to widen our horizon and also enable members earn passive income from our program.



Our flexible partnership subscription targets investors who are willing to take up responsiblity to promote advertisement using their various social media platforms. These subscriptions are well suited to accomodate various ranks of the social media cycle as well as those who would want to attract advertisers to our platform. All partners are expected to choose at least one of these subscriptions and ensure that gigs assigned to their dashboard are actively shared to their various links.

Subscription One
Minimum: 20$
Maximum: 200$
Duration: 10% after 24 hours
Subscription Two
Minimum: 200$
Maximum: 1000$
Duration: 15% after 24 hours
Subscription Three
Minimum: 1000$
Maximum: 5000$
Duration: 20% after 24 hours
Subscription Four
Minimum: 5000$
Maximum: 50000$
Duration: 100% after 48 hours

Last Deposits

Wang $600.00
Petersorbien $1500.00
Taon $500.00
Michael $900.00
Fabiano $700.00
Rudyoung2 $2000.00
Ayomidebamilawo $70.00
Winder $500.00
Ayomidebamilawo $55.00
Ayomidebamilawo $50.00

Last Withdrawals

Wang $1800.00
Petersorbien $1800.00
Taon $920.00
Michael $1150.00
Rudyoung2 $24000.00
Mike1 $1200.00
Ayomidebamilawo $55.00
Ayomidebamilawo $50.00
Nina $805.00
Amira $575.00
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